Trampolining is fun for the whole family!

Everyone loves to bounce and jump; it is an excellent form of entertainment. There are also many health benefits. This form of exercise contributes to weight loss, raises your fitness level, and improves co-ordination, balance and rhythm. Trampoline Country offers our customers rectangular, octagonal, and round trampolines. We have nets available for each of the trampoline we sell.

Rectangular trampolines are the “shape of choice” for the clubs and the Olympics because they provide the safest, most stable bounce. This shape is perfect for those practicing their snow boarding or wake boarding stunts.

Trampoline Country recommends the octagonal trampoline for families that are looking for great entertainment. The bed is larger than the rectangular trampoline, and still provides an amazing bounce. The bounce is more stable than the round due to the eight flat sides.

Round trampolines are the most economical to build and provide the largest bouncing surface. This shape is perfect for individual bouncers as the springs point directly to the center of the trampoline creating a soft center which “draws “the bouncer to the center.

Family Owned & Operated

Trampoline Country Inc. was started over 20 years ago as a homeschooling project for our children. We sold our first trampoline in August, 1994, and have not looked back since.


Our children have grown, as has our business; however, we have not forgotten our original mandate – to supply excellent quality, safe trampolines, together with outstanding service.


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Great Performance by MickyG on our 11x17 with Music Wire Springs

Set up of a 14 Ft. Octagonal Trampoline with 9" Springs

Rebounding is a great workout in your home!

In order for us to stay healthy we need to take care of our bodies. This includes having healthy eating habits, getting lots of rest, and physical activity. If our bodies are fit and work well, we feel good. Rebounding is an excellent way for most people to workout in their own home.

JumpSport is known for its amazing bungee cord fitness trampolines. We carry all the 200 Series, the 300 Series and the PRO Series. Call us today for the special of the day! 1-877-251-5867

Sundance offers two excellent Canadian made rebounders. The larger springs allow for a softer bounce with the option to add single bars or three-sided bars. Check them out today.

Needak Manufacturing has 4 great American made rebounders. We offer folding & non-folding models rated at 250 & 300 lbs.  Check out our great selection of spring covers.