Inground Trampolines

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  • What a great idea!

    There are two approaches one can consider when lowering a trampoline into the ground.

    1. With the legs on the trampoline
    2. Without the legs, but using leg brackets that are bolted to the retaining wall.

    When trampolines are lowered into the ground with the legs attached there will be a retaining wall which is exposed. The custom-made pads that cover this wall can dramatically increase the cost of this application.

    The second approach is to bolt the trampoline to the top of the retaining wall by means of leg brackets.  Since the legs are no longer assisting in supporting the trampoline, we recommend that rigid pipe (which we supply) be inserted into the frame for added support.

    Trampoline Country offers a copy of an architectural drawing (as a guide) for both these in-ground applications. Please call the office 1-877-251-5867 for more information.


    The above in-ground installation was completed by:

    Cedar Springs Landscape Group
    Phone: 905-333-6789

    Please call our office to purchase any one of our trampolines for an in-ground trampoline application 1-877-251-5867

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