Fitness Trampoline Accessories

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  • We have what you need for added stability on a fitness trampoline.

    The 42″ and 50″ rebounder is available with a single and triple-sided handle bar.

    42″ rebounder
    Single-sided Handle Bar – $135.00
    Triple-sided Handle Bar – $235.00

    50″ Rebounder
    Single-sided Handle Bar – $142.00
    Triple-sided Handle Bar – $262.00

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  • Transform your Fitness Trampoline into a Plyometric Rebounder.

    • The whole family can enjoy a wide variety of workouts and exercise games with this new plyometric platform!
    • Increase trampoline versatility with more upper body and ab possibilities!
    • This kit transforms your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline into the world’s first plyometric training system engineered to be portable, quiet and lightweight.
    • Fitness Trampoline sold separately.

    Workout in the Park with JumpSport PlyoFit

    Price – $249.00 (For 39″ JumpSport Fitness Trampolines)

    Installation Guide
    JumpSport PlyoFit

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  • Needak rebounder handle bars promote confidence and security.
    It is a great addition to your rebounding experience.

    • there are three adjustable settings 29″, 34″, 41″ – measured from the rebounder mat to the top of the handle bar
    • fits on the folding and non-folding models
    • useful for soft or hard bounce rebounders
    • easy to storage when not in use (3 pieces)

    Will the Needak handle bar fit on your fitness trampoline?
    If the following criteria are met there is a good possibility it will fit:
    (Note: this handle bar does not fit the ReboundAir 1/4 fold rebounder)

    • 40″ diameter
    • six legs
    • 7.5″ leg length
    • 1″ diameter of leg

    Price – $191.75

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  • Handle Bars made for arched leg JumpSport Fitness Trampolines.

    • Flush-fit, ultra-sturdy handle with wide legs for unmatched frame stability.
    • Great for upper-body workouts!
    • Padded handle for added comfort.
    • Available for both 39″ and 44″ JumpSport Models Only.

    For Model 200
    $109.00 – for 39″ Straight Leg Fitness Trampoline (without the purchase of a fitness trampoline)

    For Models 220, 250, 350, 350f, 370, 350 PRO & 370 PRO
    $109.00 – for 39″ Fitness Trampoline (without the purchase of a fitness trampoline)
    $169.00 – Quick Release Handle Bar for 39″ Fitness Trampoline

    For Models 550f PRO & 570 PRO
    $129.00 – for 44″ Fitness Trampoline (without the purchase of a fitness trampoline)
    $184.00 – Quick Release handle Bar for 44″  Fitness Trampoline



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  • The JumpSport Fitness Strength Training Kit is a versatile all-in-one resistance cord training system. The kit comes with trampoline attachments, handles, and foot straps to work your whole body. For use in gyms, personal training, or home workouts. The optional Workout Bar is small enough to be used anywhere. The kit is manufactured by Stroops and is made in the USA.

    • Single clip resistance bands with integrated trampoline attachment loops
    • Color: Black sheathing with yellow ends
    • Resistance: Light – 15 lb of resistance
    • Attachments: Handles, Foot Straps, Optional Workout Bar
    • Compatible with: All arched or straight legged JumpSport Fitness Trampolines, but specifically designed for 39″ models (200 and 300 Series)

    The kit includes:

    • 2 – 20” Resistance Cords with Sleeves
    • 2 – Handles with Grips
    • 2 – Foot Straps
    • 1 – JumpSport Fitness Carrying Bag
    • 1 – Workout Bar (Workout Bar option)
    • 2 – Insert Handles For Workout Bar (Workout Bar option)

    JumpSport Fitness Strength Training Kit   Price$124.00
    JumpSport Fitness Strength Training Kit (with bar & insert handles)  Price$174.00

    Private Use Warranty: All components – 1 year
    Commercial Use Warranty: All components – 6 months

    Installation Video
    Fitness Strength Training Kit

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    • Custom made for the Model 350f & Model 570 PRO
    • Elegant all-black commercial grade polyester
    • 6 built-in pouches to store and transport trampoline legs
    • Reinforced stitching
    • Warranty: 6 months

    Model 3500F          Price$69.00
    Model 570 PRO      Price$79.00

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  • Don’t leave your Needak rebounder behind!

    The Needak Carry Bag is great for carrying your 1/2 fold rebounder to the cottage or on your business trips.

    • made of nylon packcloth.
    • designed specifically for the 1/2 fold Needak rebounder.
    • perfect for the soft or hard bounce rebounder
    • works for either the black or blue rebounder

    Price  $40.00

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  • Specifications for the Needak Spring Cover:

    • Designed for a 40″ diameter
    • Universal for all Needak folding and non-folding models
    • Also fits some competing rebounders of the same size
    • Suitable for 6 legged rebounder
    • The spring cover will cover the edge of the frame to within 1/2″ of the jump surface.

    The black spring cover is used in the illustration. The other great colours that are available are shown in the pictures below.

    Reg. $40.00 Sale $35.00

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