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    EnduroLast Elastic Cords deliver the smoothest, deepest, and most supportive low-impact bounce on the market.

    These are highly advanced bungee cords, uniquely formulated to stretch 2x resting length. JumpSport uses either 55 ft. or 66 ft. of elastic cord on every trampoline.

    The extended elasticity, combined with the longer length of our EnduroLast Elastic Cords, reduces the stress on the bungee material so our cords last significantly longer than trampolines with lower quality, shorter bungees.


    The standard EnduroLast  four knot  cords  will fit on any 39″ JumpSport Fitness Trampoline that uses a mat with 30 connectors. 3-knot and 4-knot replacement cords add adjustability to any 200 Series or higher trampoline. Adjustability means that you can choose the tension that is best for you and even elongate the life of your cords.

    The extra firm EnduroLast, four knot cords  will fit any of the 350, 350F, 370, & Pro Series fitness trampolines.

    2 Knot EnduroLast Cords – Set of 30 – for Models 220, 250 Price  $129.00
    3 knot EnduroLast Cords – Set of 30 – for Models 350 & 350F  Price$139.00
    4 Knot EnduroLast Cords – Set of 30 – for Models 370 (or upgrade Models 220, 250, 350 & 350F) Price$149.00
    4 Knot EnduroLast Cords – Set of 36 – for Models 350 PRO , 370 PRO Price$169.00
    4 Knot Extra Firm EnduroLast Cords – Set of 30 – for upgrade Models 350, 350F, & 370 Price$159.00
    4 Knot Extra Firm EnduroLast Cords – Set of 36 – for Models 550F, 570,  (or upgrade Model 350 PRO & Model 370 PRO) Price$169.00

    Warranty: Replacement bungee cords have a 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

    Installation Videos

    Installation Video for Bungee Cords
    How to Adjust the EnduroLast Cords
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  • Springs for Needak, Sundance, and Most Other Fitness Trampoline Models

    Sizes available – 3.5″, 4.25″, 5.5″ or 8.5″

    Available in sets of 6 or 36 springs

    Complementary lube pack comes with each set of 36 springs.

    3.5″  Classic – Purchase of 36 springs includes a FREE lube pack
    Set of 6 – $19.95
    Set of 36 – $64.95

    4.25″ – for Needak Soft Bounce – Purchase of 36 springs includes a FREE lube pack
    Set of 6 –  $23.95
    Set of 36 – $75.00

    4.25″ – for Needak hard Bounce – Purchase of 36 springs includes a FREE lube pack
    Set of 6 –  $27.95
    Set of 36 –  $95.00

    5.5″ for Sundance – 42″ Rebounder
    Set of 6 – $24.00
    Set of 36  Reg $144.00 Sale $117.00

    8.5″ for Sundance – 50″ Rebounder
    Set of 6 – $24.00
    Set of 36 – Reg $144.00 Sale $117.00

    See pictures of the springs in the description below.



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  • Is there a tear in your Needak rebounder mat?
    No need to buy a new rebounder.
    Needak Rebounder frames are built to last!
    Just replace the mat!

    Great Features of the Replacement mats:

    • the replacement mats are designed to be used with hard or soft bounce springs.
    • the mat is 28 1/2″ wide
    • it made of polypropylene
    • the mat is designed for a 40″ diameter frame
    • the come complete with 18 mat cleats which hold the 36 – 4 1/4″ Soft-Bounce or Hard-Bounce springs.
    • presently available in three colours (black, blue with grey border, and blue with blue border)

    Price: $75.00

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  • Set of 6 Needak Rebounder Legs


    • 8 1/2 inches long
    • assembly includes 1″ metal tube, leg spring, and leg tip

    Price: $48.00

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  • Specifications of Needak Leg Tips:

    • synthetic rubber leg tip fits the 1″ rebounder leg.
    • the rubber tips prevents the rebounder from slipping
    • the leg tips are non-marring with steel reinforcing tab inside to extend its useful life.
    • this leg tip does not fit the stabilizing bar leg.

    Set of 6 Leg Tips
    Price: $27.95



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  • Needak Rebounders last, and last, and then last some more.
    We carry the replacement parts you need to keep on bouncing.

    Clevis pins attach the spring to the frame as shown in the diagram below.

    Set of 6 Clevis pins
    Price: $9.95

    Set of 36 Clevis pins
    Price: $33.95


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  • Needak Mat cleats for all folding and non-folding models.
    Mat cleats are used to attach the springs to the mat of the Needak rebounder.

    Mat cleats available in sets of 6 or 18

    Set of 6
    Price: $14.95 (shipping included)

    Set of 18
    Price: $30.95 (shipping included)

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  • The steel leg spring is found inside the 1″ diameter rebounder leg tube.

    The leg spring  attaches the leg to the platform pin of the rebounder frame.











    The spring allows the leg to be “pulled” off the platform pin and fold for storage















    Set of 6 Leg Springs
    Prince: $13.95

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