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  • by Linda Brooks, CR 

    Linda Brooks has outdone herself with her latest work on rebounding. Linda has drawn upon her 26 years of rebounding experience and training to produce a book that addresses the questions so many people ask. Linda begins the book describing her educational, physical, and spiritual journey through rebounding. She describes the energy centers of the body and how bouncing for these chakras can aid users. Chapter 5 introduces you to “Healing from A to Z.” This is the most phenomenal portion of this book and provides information on specific conditions. Linda’s specific knowledge on each of these conditions and how they are aided by rebounding also draws upon her practical applications of rebounding helping people deal with and overcoming their challenges. “Nuts and Bolts” explanations to help everyone! Finally, Linda answers specific questions often asked by people from all walks of life, addressing a multitude of conditions. She also offers practical advice for those wishing to attain their rebounding goals. This book is a must for practitioners and laymen alike. Learn about rebounding from a teacher with practical experience.

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  • Stop Running A Race You Can’t Win, And Start Jumping
    Into Shape!

    … An exercise for
    The New Millennium

    Urban Rebounding
    by Jb Berns

    “JB Berns has been a Master teacher in the martial arts for fifteen years. To improve balance, coordination and over-all wellness, he began rebounding in the early 1980’s. After years of experimentation and study, the group fitness exercise system of Urban Rebounding was developed.”

    According to Dr. Art Ulene, “Urban Rebounding is the ultimate aerobic workout; full of energy and excitement and free of shock.”

    Another user boasts, “Urban Rebounding was the most fun I’ve had working out in a long time. It’s a great anti-stress workout; it doesn’t stress your joints and it does de-stress you mind. Best of all it’s just pure fun, which is what you need in a workout, so you keep coming back for more.” – The Hamilton, Managing Editor; FITNESS Magazine

    Soft Cover – 174 pages
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  • The Practical Guide to the Ultimate Exercise!

    Rebounding to Better Health

    by Linda Brooks, CR

    “Your immune system is designed to keep you healthy no matter what. It can defend you against cancer or help you heal from serious illness or the common cold.” – Linda Brooks

    Linda Brooks, author of Rebounding To Better Health and Cancer-A Simple Approach, gets down to basics once again in this concise book, teaching you how your body’s defense system works and how rebound exercise boosts its efficiency, allowing your body to heal itself! – This new book provides an up-close look at your immune system… – Why edema occurs and how to avoid its dangers…. – How rebounding supports your immune system… – Your natural chelation system… – Stress and lymphatics… – Nutritional support for immunity… – Emotional and spiritual connections to natural defenses… – and testimonials!

    Paperback – 86 pages
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  • Fifteen Minutes a Day to a New You!

    An easy, fun way to tone you figure , improve health,develop total fitness!

    By Karol K. Truman

    Karol Truman is a student of life. She began her search for answers in her early 20’s, which led her to nutrition and then physical fitness. After being introduced to rebound exercise early in the 1970’s she carefully tested it out, and soon became an avid convert. She was one of the first salesperson for the original round mini-trampoline, and helped pioneer early educational material on rebounding.

    Paper back – 162 pages
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  • Cancer – A Simple Approach
    By Linda Brooks

    Cancer is no mystery! Simply stated, it is the result of an inefficient immune system. At last, Linda Brooks presents basic truths in her concise style of writing. No other book in the rebound industry is this complete in its content. Linda Brooks,

    Paperback  – 78 pages
    Price: $19.95
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  • – Bouncing Gross Motor Labs

    by Sheila Steele

    Why not BOUNCE your way to more efficient brain and body function? Make learning fun while gaining academic and physical benefits. All ages can enjoy this stimulating program using a quality mini-trampoline.

    You will discover;

    • Do-able, practical movement, even for the wheel -chair bound
    • Enhanced memory aid for all ages
    • Reduction of academic stress in learning environments

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  • Our Universal Journey Into Wholeness

    Come join in the music you hear!
    It’s God’s song, sweet and clear.
    Speaking of truth and love
    The beauty that you are,
    Floating from afar.
    I’m here to guide you home.

    Creative Journal by Linda Brook

    Paperback – 90 pages
    (FREE Shipping)

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