11 ft. x 17 ft. Olympic Size Rectangular Trampoline

11 ft. x 17 ft. Olympic Size Rectangular Trampoline


Best Backyard Trampoline – excellent for beginners, but also used by Olympians in their Training.

  • Frame measures 17′  x 10′ 6” (at the truss bar – widest point), bed surface 7’ X 14’
  • Dimensions with the enclosure is 17’5″ x 10’11”
  • The width at the double truss bar is 10’ 5”
  • 12 gauge galvanized steel – 4 piece top rail
  • 39” from top of frame to ground
  • 15″ extra wide 18 oz. vinyl frame pads on the ends and 20″ wide on the sides
  • Frame pad has spring loops, buckle system and cinched skirt
  • 2″ thick frame pads with closed cell foam
  • Approx. jumping surface – 98 sq. ft.
  • Approx. shipping weight – 402 lbs.
  • Manufactured by Canada Trampolines


Trampoline Prices:

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9″ High Carbon Steel Springs / Tear Resistant Jump Surface  $4095.00  $3395.00 CAD
9″ High Carbon Steel Springs / High Air Flow Jump Surface $4120.00  $3495.00 CAD
10” Competition Springs / Tear Resistant Jump Surface $4205.00 $3595.00 CAD
10” Competition Springs / High Air Flow Jump Surface $4330.00 $3695.00 CAD
9″ Piano Wire Springs /  Tear Resistant Jump Surface $4415.00 $3795.00 CAD
9″ Piano Wire Springs / High Air Flow Jump Surface  $45140.00 $3895.00 CAD


TC 780XL including  hardware (blue sleeves – $899.00
TC Gold Model including hardware (grey sleeves) – $899.00

See pictures of  Enclosures for 11′ x 17′ Rectangular Trampoline

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3 Step Ladder  –  $95.00
JumpSport Basketball Set – $209.00
Bounce Boards  – $179.00 / $189.00
Anchor Kit – $64.95

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11 ft. x 17 ft. Olympic Size Rectangular Trampolines


  • The strength and quality of the materials used, combined with superior design, make a stable foundation that is necessary for safety, optimum spring performance and the overall durability of this trampoline.
  • Heavy-duty 12 gauge galvanized steel with 2.375″ outer
    dimension x .109″ wall thickness.
  • 55,000 psi tensile strength, 50,000 yield strength.
  • Patented “Flo-Coat®” and galvanizing process. Triple
    coated for superior shine and rust resistance.
  • Frame rails have 3″ swags


Spring Attachment

A corrugated iron rod (zipper rod) is mig-welded onto the inside of the frame. The springs attach onto this rod, setting them below the top of the frame. This allows for a much freer spring movement with less restriction by the frame pads.

spring attachment


  • Actually adds extra strength to the frame. (Vs. drilling holes or punched slots, which can weaken the frame and allow moisture to accumulate.)
  • Spring “hook ups” and “take downs” are much easier and more efficient with the zipper rod than when there are holes drilled in the frame.
  • Extremely durable.



Our extra-long, tapered, high performance springs are designed specifically for trampolines. These springs are largely responsible for a soft, deep, extra high bounce that separates our product from other consumer trampolines.



  • Galvanized 9″ long x 1.16″ diameter, 56 coils, tapered on both ends.
  • Stress relieved for longer wear.
  • Performance rated for over one million cycles.


Bed (Mat)

It affects the bounce, safety and life span of the trampoline. We use only the best material manufactured specifically for consumer trampolines.
Seamless polypropylene mesh called Permatron™.

  • Designed for maximum durability against sun, rain and cold.
  • Callendered process features a smooth surface that is much less abrasive.
  • Interlocking weave makes the fabric run resistant even if cut or punctured.
  • UV resistant.
  • UV stabilized polyester thread

Competition beds have teflon thread on top, as the top stitching is more exposed on models with competition springs

“A UV inhibitor will help to prevent oxidization. When a mat oxidizes it gives off a black residue on the children’s feet as they bounce.”


Frame Pad

Pads are held in place in three ways.

frame pad

  • The frame pad has spring loops sewn into the seams. The spring travels through the loop holding the pad in place.
  • There are also buckle straps around the frame
  • When the frame pad is in place tighten the cord for a secure fit.

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Additional information

11x17 Trampoline

9" High Carbon Steel Springs, 10" Competition Springs, 9" Piano Wire Springs


Tear Resistant Jump Surface, High Air Flow Jump Surface


Without Enclosure, With Enclosure & Hardware

Colours (Depending on availability)

Green, Blue, Green / Blue

Complete the collection

    •  Step up to the Fun!! Our durable, safe,
    • SureStep Ladder has large, flat, platform steps.
    • Non-permanent installation so ladder can be easily removed to limit access.
    • Both the in stock 2 step & 3 step trampolines ladders are for 36″ tall trampolines (The 3 step ladders for 39″ tall trampolines are presently out of stock)
    • 2 Step Ladders fit our 14 ft. rd. and 16 ft. rd. trampolines, JumpSport Classic , Elites & AlleyOOP Variable Bounce.

    2 Step ladder – $95.00
    3 step ladder (for 3+” tall trampolines) – $95.00

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  • We challenge you to bounce while attempting a slam dunk!

    • Includes full size reinforced backboard.
    • Features 4 strong ProFlex springs where hoop mounts to backboard to withstand more vigorous play.
    • Attaches securely to all JumpSport and Alley Oop model enclosures
    • Includes Backboard, cushioned hoop with Heavy-duty ProFlex hardware, and 7″ inflatable basketball.

    Basketball Set Instruction Manual

    JumpSport ProFlex
    Price – $209.00

    AlleyOOp ProFlex
    Price – $219.00

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  • What a blast!

    Bounce Boards, the softer choice to practice snowboard and wakeboard tricks.

    This is one case where warp in a board is good. Bounce Board flexes with the trampoline but will return to it’s original shape. This is an exciting new sporting accessory for trampolines, water trampolines, and other jumping devices like inflatables.

    Catch Air Before Hitting the Slopes!

     Price: $159.00

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  • The TC 780XL enclosure is a perfect fit for the  11′ X 17′ trampoline.

    This enclosure has a soft-woven net. It comes with triple-back-up safety design with an additional strap/shock cord suspension system at each of its 8 poles that improves safety and impact absorption.

    It is rated for up to 295 lb. jmpers. This net has 7ft tall poles making it ideal for the superior bounce of the 11′ X 17′ rectangular trampoline.
    TC Model 780XL – $899.00 (this includes all the necessary hardware and leg extensions)
    Gold $899.00 (this includes all the necessary hardware and leg extensions






    Gold Enclosure






    TC 780 XL

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