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16ft Octagonal Trampoline


Perfect backyard trampoline for the whole family.


Built for durability and safety in Canada!


16 Ft Octagonal Trampoline Specifications

  • Measures 16’ 4” (point to point)  and 14’ 9” (flat to flat)
  • 12 gauge galvanized steel – 4 piece top rail
  • 2.375″ outer dimension x .109″ wall thickness
  • 39″ from top of frame to ground
  • 120 – 9″springs (optional 10” springs)
  • 15″ extra wide, 18 oz vinyl frame pad
  • Frame pad has spring loops, buckle system and cinched skirt
  • 2″ thick frame pads with closed cell foam
  • Approx jumping surface – 130 sq ft
  • Approx shipping weight – 322 lbs


Trampoline Prices:
9″ springs – $2295.00$2095.00
10″ springs –$2495.00 $2295.00


Enclosure Price:
TC Model 480XL – $489.00
Leg Clamps recommended – $63.20
(set of 16 clamps)

In order to make online shopping easy and quick, we have established a flat rate shipping price depending on the province in which you reside. This number is based on an average cost of shipping for all our trampolines to anywhere in your province. Due to the vast size difference in our trampoline styles and your location, you may call our office for a more exact quote which may be less then quoted here. If speed is important to you, you are welcome to use our flat rate shipping price originally provided.

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The 16ft Octagonal Trampoline has some amazing features as noted below:


The strength and quality of the materials used, combined with superior design, make a stable foundation that is necessary for safety, optimum spring performance and the overall durability of this trampoline.
Heavy-duty 12 ga. galvanized steel with 2.375″ outer
dimension x .109″ wall thickness.
55,000 psi tensile strength, 50,000 yield strength.
Patented “Flo-Coat®” and galvanizing process. Triple
coated for superior shine and rust resistance.
Frame rails have 3″ swags


Spring Attachment

A corrugated iron rod (zipper rod) is mig-welded onto the inside of the frame. The springs attach onto this rod, setting them below the top of the frame. This allows for a much freer spring movement with less restriction by the frame pads.

spring attachment

  • Actually adds extra strength to the frame. (Vs. drilling holes or punched slots, which can weaken the frame and allow moisture to accumulate.)
  • Spring “hook ups” and “take downs” are much easier and more efficient with the zipper rod than when there are holes drilled in the frame.
  • Extremely durable.


Our extra-long, tapered, high performance springs are designed specifically for trampolines. These springs are largely responsible for a soft, deep, extra high bounce that separates our product from other consumer trampolines.


  •  Galvanized 9″ long x 1.16″ diameter, 56 coils, tapered on both ends.
    Stress relieved for longer wear.
  • Performance rated for over one million cycles.


Bed (Mat)

It affects the bounce, safety and life span of the trampoline. We use only the best material manufactured specifically for consumer trampolines.
Seamless polypropylene mesh called Permatron™.

Designed for maximum durability against sun, rain and cold.
Callendered process features a smooth surface that is much less abrasive.
Interlocking weave makes the fabric run resistant even if cut or punctured.
UV resistant.
UV stabilized polyester thread
Competition beds have teflon thread on top, as the top stitching is more exposed on models with competition springs

“A UV inhibitor will help to prevent oxidization. When a mat oxidizes it gives off a black residue on the children’s feet as they bounce.”


Frame Pad

Pads are held in place in three ways.

frame pad

  • The frame pad has spring loops sewn into the seams. The spring travels through the loop holding the pad in place.
  • There are also buckle straps around the frame
  • When the frame pad is in place tighten the cord for a secure fit.

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16 Ft. Octagonal Trampoline

9 inch springs, 10 inch springs

TC 480XL Enclosure

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