Born to Bounce

Born to Bounce


Born To Bounce (book)

by Linda Brooks, CR


Linda Brooks has outdone herself with her latest work on rebounding. Linda has drawn upon her 26 years of rebounding experience and training to produce a book that addresses the questions so many people ask. Linda begins the book describing her educational, physical, and spiritual journey through rebounding. She describes the energy centers of the body and how bouncing for these chakras can aid users. Chapter 5 introduces you to “Healing from A to Z.” This is the most phenomenal portion of this book and provides information on specific conditions. Linda’s specific knowledge on each of these conditions and how they are aided by rebounding also draws upon her practical applications of rebounding helping people deal with and overcoming their challenges. “Nuts and Bolts” explanations to help everyone! Finally, Linda answers specific questions often asked by people from all walks of life, addressing a multitude of conditions. She also offers practical advice for those wishing to attain their rebounding goals. This book is a must for practitioners and laymen alike. Learn about rebounding from a teacher with practical experience.

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