Enclosure for 11′ x 17′ Rectangular Trampoline

Enclosure for 11′ x 17′ Rectangular Trampoline


The TC 780XL enclosure is a perfect fit for the  11′ X 17′ trampoline.

This enclosure has a soft-woven net. It comes with triple-back-up safety design with an additional strap/shock cord suspension system at each of its 8 poles that improves safety and impact absorption.

It is rated for up to 295 lb. jumpers. This net has 7ft tall poles making it ideal for the superior bounce of the 11′ X 17′ rectangular trampoline.
TC Model 780XL – $529.00
Leg Assemblies – $120.00
Custom Clamps – $94.80

Important Notice:

ASTM Standard F2225 Item 5.1.3 requires that the height of the poles of a rectangular trampoline be 1/2 the length of the longest side of the trampoline bed. Since the 11 X 17 trampoline bed is 14 ft. long, the enclosure poles must be 7 ft. tall. The reason for this requiremet is due to height one can obtain on the rectangular trampolines.


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Custom Made Leg Assemblies

The 10 x 12 and the 11 x 17 rectangular trampolines have a double truss bar along the length of the trampoline for added strength. As a result, the legs on the length of the trampoline are recessed under the trampoline. In order to attach the enclosure poles to the leg of the trampoline the four recessed legs need to be “brought” out. Custom legs assemblies have been designed solely for this purpose. (see picture below)

Note: Although the 10×14 also has the second truss bar, this bar is under the original truss bar, thus the leg assemblies are not required for this trampoline.

leg assembly

Installed Leg Assembly

One bar of the leg assembly is attached to the leg by means of two clamps (shown below). The other bar has the enclosure pole clamped to it with two additional clamps.

Leg assembly 11 X 17

Legs clamps

The 10’x12′ and the 11’x17′ trampolines require 24 clamps. The usual 16, 4 clamps for each of the four legs plus 4 addition clamps to attach the leg assemlby to the recessed legs.

leg clamp 1
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